David Urquidi tenor Saxophone

Pentatonic Pattern #1

This pattern is probably the most famous pentatonic patterns of all time. You can hear it in countless solos by all the greats. This pdf has the pattern transposed into all 12 keys!

Ernie Watts Major Triad Exercise

Many years ago I attended a Saxophone Clinic where Ernie Watts was a clinician. During his clinic he played this major triad exercise. It is great to work on your fingering, speed, and of course major triads. Check it out!

Miles Davis – Solar

Miles Davis plays a great line in his solo over Solar. I have transposed the line into all 12 keys for you. The line occurs at 3:39

Hank Mobley – “There Will Never Be Another You”

Hank Mobley’s greatness is on display in this solo from 1956. The ii-V-I line has been transposed into all 12 keys for further study and practice. The line occurs at 2:40